Accolades: Testimonials and Reviews

Belarussian Baker has received widespread attention from our loyal customers. We have compiled a selection of testimonials for you here.

Customer Testimonials

     What a wonderful place to dine. Fantastic food, exquisite presentation and the romantic history of the chef! All housed in a period house that is expertly decorated. This is a wonderful place for a club luncheon, graduation brunch, Mother's Day tea, wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. It would be a fantastic setting for a girl's day out...or a mother/daughter birthday outing. Thank you for making our vacation to Missouri complete.


     We have lived in Europe and traveled extensively in the US. The meal here was one of the best we have ever had. Everything was homemade: salad dressing, bread, apple butter, shashlik, Kievski cake, ice cream, etc. I've never had borscht as great as this-light and flavorful. Service was impeccable and the prices extremely reasonable. This food is clearly made by a person who loves cooking and good, local, fresh ingredients. The Victorian house setting was beautiful and relaxing. It was a perfect evening of great food and relaxed atmosphere with terrific service. We will definitely be going there regularly.


     We drove for about an hour to get here, & I was nervous about getting home due to the incoming snow storm, & long story short, I wish we'd gotten snowed in. The service was so wonderful & the food was the best I've ever had. Tried the chicken cordon bleu burger and seriously considered moving in. Our dessert was phenomenal, between our whole party I got a bit of everything, & the price was short of shocking (it was so cheap!) and they were kind to the two little ones with us. The atmosphere, quality of service, & most importantly quality of their food was all a 10/10 for me. Would risk my life again, no questions asked.